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    Top 10 Sites by Hits
    21405.33Black American Singles Club
    21395.58Make up on black actors - likeastory boards
    21356Acid Jazz Ltd.
    213210Black Gospel Music
    21327Emmett J. Scott. The American Negro in World War I
    21312.5African American Journey: Compromise of 1850
    213110Welcome to Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago
    21312Cash For Gold
    21311Black News
    213010African American Women in Business Conference
    Top 10 Sites by Vote
    250 8.28 Africans in Europe
    116 5.39 Soul Train TV
    107 5.38 Black Wallstreet
    103 4.87 African American Center: Business
    101 4.97 Democratic Party claims more blacks
    97 5.33 Black Basebal's Negro Baseball Leagues, the most comprehensive resource...
    91 5.23 Black History Month on Channel 4000
    90 4.90 Boston African American National Historic Site Home Page
    89 5.31 A Glance: A Complete History of the Negro Leagues 1884 to...
    83 7.35

    Top 10 Sites by Rating
    9.7721AMAG/Awareness Magazine, Inc.
    9.7258Short/Austin Family Tree
    9.727BlackcareUK Ltd
    9.6322C & B Book distribution center
    9.5037Tyler Perry
    9.506Watkins and Associates
    9.4820Austin Short Design
    9.4819Author Terry A. O'Neal

    BlackUSA Daily History Fact Links

    Elijah McCoy
    Elijah McCoy Inventor holding over 57 patents

    Wilberforce University
    Wilberforce University Wilberforce University

    Mississippi Valley State
    Mississippi Valley State University

    Evelyn Boyd Granville
    Evelyn Boyd Granville First black woman to receive an honorary doctorate

    John Coltrane
    John Coltrane Jazz Music Innovator

    Irwin C. Mollison
    Irwin C. Mollison Appointed Jjudge

    Dr. Matthew Ricketts
    Matthew Ricketts First black man elected to Nebraska State Legislature

    Milton L. Olive III
    Milton L. Olive III Vietnam War Hero

    Fair Employment Practices Committee
    Fair Employment Practices Fair Employment Practices Commission

    Louis (or Lucas) Santomee
    Louis (or Lucas) Santomee First university-trained black physician

    Carter G. Woodson
    Carter G. Woodson Founder of Black History Month

    William Wells Brown
    William Wells Brown First African-American to publish a novel

    James Augustine Healey
    James Augustine Healey First black Catholic bishop

    Slavery abolished in all French territories
    Slavery abolished in all French territories Slavery abolished in all French territories

    Claude McKay
    Claude McKay Novelist and Poet

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