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    Top 10 Sites by Hits
    21691.58Colonization: African-American Mosaic Exhibition (Library of Congress)
    21671.58GA - Martin Luther King, Jr.
    21601.58Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel
    21571.58Black Gospel Music
    21571.58Kikoromeo - African Fashion Design - Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
    21551.58AFRILINE: Africa is Online
    21541.58Black News
    21531.58Acid Jazz Ltd.
    Top 10 Sites by Vote
    14 1.58 African American Military Art History
    14 1.58 The American Negro at Paris
    14 1.58 Zambezi Sun, African Art, Carvings, and Artifacts
    14 1.58 L & E Images, Fine African-American Art african-american design tennessee
    14 1.58 ASSATA SHAKUR In Her Own Words
    14 1.58 Souls Grown Deep: African American Vernacular Art of the South
    14 1.58 John H. White: Portrait of Black Chicago
    14 1.58 On Blacks And African-Americans
    14 1.58 internal inspiration
    14 1.58 Ethnocentrics

    Top 10 Sites by Rating
    1.5814African American Military Art History
    1.5814The American Negro at Paris
    1.5814Zambezi Sun, African Art, Carvings, and Artifacts
    1.5814L & E Images, Fine African-American Art african-american design tennessee
    1.5814ASSATA SHAKUR In Her Own Words
    1.5814Souls Grown Deep: African American Vernacular Art of the South
    1.5814John H. White: Portrait of Black Chicago
    1.5814On Blacks And African-Americans
    1.5814internal inspiration

    BlackUSA Daily History Fact Links

    University of Tennessee
    University of Tennessee Admits 1st Black

    Robert Smalls
    Robert Smalls Union Naval Hero

    Madame C.J. Walker
    Born Sarah Breedlove on December 23, 1867 on a Delta, Louisiana plantation, this daughter of former slaves transformed herself from an uneducated farm laborer and laundress into one of the twentieth century's most successful, self-made women entrepreneurs, and the nation's first millionairess. Orphaned at age seven, she often said, "I got my start by giving myself a start." She and her older sister, Louvenia, survived by working in the cotton fields of Delta and nearby Vicksburg, Mississippi. At 14, she married Moses McWilliams to escape abuse from her cruel brother-in-law, Jesse Powell.

    James Arthur Baldwin
    Baldwin spent an impoverished boyhood in Harlem and at 14 became a preacher in the Fireside Pentecostal Church. His first two novels, Go Tell It on the Mountain (1953), reflecting his experience as a young preacher, and Giovanni's Room (1956), which dealt with his homosexuality, were written while he lived in Paris. He returned to the United States in 1957 and participated in the civil-rights movement, later returning to France where he lived for the remainder of his life.

    Sarah Grimké
    Sarah Grimke One of the first women in the United States to publicly argue for the abolition of slavery.

    Patricia Roberts Harris
    Patricia Roberts Harris Attorney, Ambassador, Cabinet Member

    Ralph Bunche
    Ralph Bunche First black to win the Nobel Peace Prize

    Richard Allen
    Richard Allen Founder,African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church

    Martha Euphemia Lofton Haynes
    Martha Euphemia Lofton Haynes First African American woman mathematican

    Sammie Davis Jr.
    Samie Davis Jr. Samie Davis Jr.dies

    Bernice Gaines Hughes
    Bernice Gaines Hughes First black woman to become a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Armed Forces

    Philadelphia’s Free Africa Society
    Philadelphia's Free Africa Society .

    Bill Bojangles Robinson
    Bill "Bojangeles" Roberson dancer and entertainer

    William Reuben Pettiford
    W.R. Pettiford Founder

    Jane Bolin
    Jane Bolin First Black woman judge

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