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Be Healthy!  03-Jun-02
Yea. Go for it.  18-Jan-02
Really!  02-Nov-01
Brother Tried it  11-Oct-01
Wondering about a product  16-Sep-01

Be Healthy! - sistahgirl - 03-Jun-02
Whatever you do, exercise and find the right food plan. Fad/quick/ temporary dieting does not work.

The body need nutrients and exercise, think about your overall health. Find a food plan you can live with for the rest of your life and not just to take off a couple of pounds and the weight change will be a life change!

Healthy sistas

Yea. Go for it. - Daisy - 18-Jan-02
Hello Lisa, well if I were you I'd take the chance.My brother didn't think it was going to work either and well it did!!! He's so much happier now.You can't lose anything if you ask me,cause it's guaranteed.

Really! - Lisa - 02-Nov-01
Really? You mean this product does actually work? I want to try it now that your brother lost weight with it! For sure I'll tell you how much I end up losing if ever it does work for me.I am very sceptical in just about everything! I do understand your point of view about going to the movies.I myself don't attend them for the same reason.I will let you know how my weightloss turns out.

Brother Tried it - Daisy - 11-Oct-01
Hello Lisa,well I haven't tried the diet product you're talking to me about,but my brother did.He lost weight with it.He was on it for two months and now he's looking better! I've seen a change in his attitude too! Now he always wants to go to the movies.You see before he wouldn't want to go because he wasn't comfortable sitting in those chairs.You know it could be very embarrassing for overweight people.I would try it,you've got nothing to lose!

Wondering about a product - Lisa - 16-Sep-01
Hey! I am overweight and I am trying to find a diet product which will help me.I am looking for one which will help boost my metabolism naturally, as well as taking a couple pounds off.I've heard of so many, but for me only one stands out.This "natural slim down fast",has anyone heard of it? Well I am desperately wanting to lose weight, and this looks good.I need some advice if you could check out the website and get back to me, I'd appreciate that;

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