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Stop Blaming...Start Healing  31-Aug-02
Another point of view  30-Aug-02
As I said!!!!  18-Aug-02
neglected  10-Aug-02
will what about us  02-Jul-02
neglected  13-May-02

Stop Blaming...Start Healing - Seventh Angel - 31-Aug-02
Salaam (peace) to the fam. I'm new here, and was just skimmin over the posts when I ran across this one. BOTH the black man AND the black woman are guilty of neglect, but not because we are neglectful. We have to keep in mind that what happened to us by way of the transatlantic slave trade has rendered us absolutely incapable of relating to one another as we a rule. At some point, both the brothas and the sistas are going to have to rise above our personal frustrations to see to the needs of the other...only then will healing and reconciliation take place. As long as we are defensive and accusatory, we provoke those on the other side of the fence to be the same. Our great test in the days to come, I believe, will be whether we can fully realize and put into practice that four letter word that is constantly dragged through the mud...LOVE!


Another point of view - Daddio - 30-Aug-02
As a black man who was raised by a strong black woman, I've always had respect (and love) for sistahs, and have tried to instill that attitude in my 2 boys as well.

It's a fact that you get a bad rap in most media areas nowadays... videos particularly tend to portray our black women as hoochies. Real women know that a real man only want his woman to act like that in the bedroom. In the rest of the world she should be the strong, intelligent creature she really is.

So... instead of complaining, be proactive. Write the record companies and the studios and broadcast companies and (especially) their advertisers and COMPLAIN about the way our sistahs are portrayed.

If we don't want the next generation tainted we've got to change what they see.

As I said!!!! - Honeygal - 18-Aug-02
As I said the brother has neglected the sisters for years.And some stupid woman allow them t!!!!
I know how to treat my man.And thank God he knows how to treat me as well.
But what about the brothers that don't ?I see a lot of young woman being treated like dogs.When is some one women going to tell my young sister's that their mothers didn't birth four legged animals.
So don't allow anyone to call you anything but the name your mother birthed you with.You deserve better!!!!

neglected - Tudy - 10-Aug-02
I have done my share of neglecting the black men as well men of other races. I have preferred to live alone rather than be an on going member of black statistics. I have two daughters and we do well. I do and have always hoped to be the wife of some loving black man. At this point his race is of less concern. The choices are all of our. I have chosen to be my own. I hope that I shall chose differently one day.

will what about us - Honeygal - 02-Jul-02
we the Nubian Queens have been neglected by you the black men!!!!!!!

neglected - one - 13-May-02
Now days everyone is turning their back on the BLACK MAN .Our women are so independant that the're dating vibrators or living as lesbians??? Check yourself because you can be just as guilty .Ginocide by reckless sexual suicide. We are GODS chosen people .

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