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Are the Africans submen?   19-Dec-02

Are the Africans submen? - Black-Attack Nuclear LTD - 19-Dec-02
Why the conflicts multiply in Africa? The reasons are simple: arbitrary borders to exploit the natural richnesses of the African unhappy poor, because they n`ont ever be independent. Rwanda: the responsibilities fall on French which supported its dictator and génocidaire Habyarimana. Indeed, with three operations AMARILYS, NOIROIT, TURQUOISE, French planned the génocide. Chad: the responsibilities fall on French of Mitterand which supported blindness Hissène Habré, with two operation, MANTA and SPARROWHAWK. Angola: the reponsabilities fall on French and the United States which respectively supports Dos Santos and l`Unita of Jonas Savimbi., in the name of oil/ Congo Brazzaville: French is only the person in charge, because it drove out a democratically elected president. Indeed Elf Aquitaine armed its right arm, Sassou Nguesso, to release President Lissouba/ Somalia: the responsibilities fall on the United States and their foal Syad Barré. Helped by the Americans, it seized the power in 1969 and y instauré a sanguinary mode/ Algeria: the responsibilities fall on French of Mitterand which does not want d`Islamists in an independent country/ Guinea-Bissau: The responsibilities fall on l`armée French stationed on Senegal. Indeed, Abdou Diouf (Senegal) and Told Lansana (Guinea-Conakry), representatives all the facets of the French neocolonialism, came to assistance of their friend dictator Joao Vieira thanks to l`armée French/ The RDC (Democratic Republic of Congo): The responsibilities fall on French of Mobutu and the United States de Mobutu/ The Sierra-Leone: There, they are the British and the United States which has meurtri this country by an attempt at blow d`Etat on January 16, 1996/ Liberia: the responsibilities fall on the United States which helped Charles Taylor to seize the power with 225 Navy American/ Mauritania-Senegal: the responsibilities fall on French. Indeed, the conflict between Mauritania and Senegal are the result d`une bad administration French from Saint-Louis (Senegal): at the time of l`indépendance of Morocco, in 1956, Paris set up Mauritania in territory intended to become a State-plug with an aim of containing the ambitions of the kingdom of the sherifs on the French possessions d`Afric black .

And now, Ivory Coast, etc... But, which is astonishing in all that, c`est the behavior of the political leaders. How can they adopt arbitrary decisions and irrational behaviours, when well even those have a human, moral and financial neck insuportable for our countries? That was often the case during l`histoire of l`humanity. However, in these last years of the XXème century, of many African leaders seem to have chosen of s`illustrer more negatively than others in this register. This propensity to grant l`importance to l`absurde and ridiculous is manifest in the many conflicts which oppose to African States or communities with regular intervals on these borders inherited colonization. The civil war which opposes l`armée Sudanese to the rebels Southerners since 1983 in is a perfect illustration, of the same d`ailleurs than the war between l`Ethiopie and l`Erythrée, which made thousands of victims since May 1998. But, into l`espace of a few days, at the end of February, the political leaders for the various armed groups engaged in these two conflicts often changed speech, announcing qu`ils would be perhaps been willing to accept peaceful solutions instead of the war. Now, the African people find themselves taken as an hostage in territories which correspond neither to the large historical surfaces, nor at zones cultural, economic and political homogeneous. Consequently, it is easy for n`importe which sorcerer's apprentice of the policy to be disguised as a head of war to claim an unspecified identity. He thus appears urgent d`engager to to me a reflexion with l`échelle continental on the means of withdrawing at the current borders their "venom", c`est-with-statement simply d`organiser a true political integration of the African continent. Why the Coast d`Ivoire celebrate does its independence? Politically, Militarily and Economically, the Coast d`Ivoire is colonized 100% to bone! Why continue to lie to the people Man from the Ivory Coast, with regard to his independence, its Dignity? Not, one should not any more have one set language with these Men from the Ivory Coast who believe that this world is easy. Somme Men from the Ivory Coast speak like the descendants about DANTON, ROBESPIERRE or THOMAS J, the Father of l`indépendance American. Really sad C`est and at the same time revolting. C`est what l`indignity? Let us follow the answers: POLITICALLY, the Coast d`Ivoire is colonized 100% to bone, because it cannot contract allinaces without asking France; it cannot make the war without asking France; it cannot ensure, with it-only, peace without warning Papa French! Sincerely, we say the truth! Where is Ivory Coast ?where is l`indépendance is the democracy? Where is this the dignity of the people of the Ivory Coast? is not a considerable drift of the Elites and intellectual Men from the Ivory Coast? L`etymology of the word democracy is clear and limpid: capacity of the people, for the people only for him. These people must be independent politically! MILITARILY, C`est what the presence of l`army French in Coast d`Ivoire? A prolongation of French colonization in Africa. L`army of the Ivory Coast can move without
to ask army French? ah ah ah, this is no. Which can better say? J`en spoke so much about this army of Napoleon in Africa that I have enough! The only presence of these French soldiers in Africa maudit any concept of democracy! Where is this dignity? Really, I am sorry to spit certain truths wounding, but good to spit! Where is l`indépendance soldier of the Ivory Coast? Nada ECONOMICALLY, the zone franc(ou CFA franc) n`est it not another prolongation of French colonization in Africa. A currency whose account d`operation domiciled at the Bank of French, c`est-with-statement the Bank of the colonizer; a currency that this colonizer can devaluate when he wants, as he wants and where he wants!
Under these conditions, how can one speak about l`indépendance economic? Is devil of the devils, where the democracy in Ivory Coast ? My question is put: Does the Ivory Coast deserve to really celebrate an unspecified independence? How can a country, which depends politically, economically, socially and militarily d`un another country, celebrate its independence? Therefore, l`indépendance of the Ivory Coast is null and not avenue because of Houphouët Boigny.. The national festival OF THE IVORY COAST is that of French: July 14/ - I show Houphouët Boigny and Lépold Sédar Senghor to have sold l`Afric! - I show Houphouët and Senghor to have soiled the dignity of our People aves l`army French! - I show these two traitors to d`avoir allowed French to prolong its colonization in Africa - I show Elites and Intellectual African to always d`avoir lied with their People, with regard to their independences. - I show ... - I show ... -I show ...
Rwandan Génocide: shown, you raise! Attention my brothers and sisters Men from the Ivory Coast! After the génocide in Biafra, in Rwanda, in Congo Brazzaville, one finds the same actors in`Ivory Coast: French; Common grave and free massacres of the populations, it will be also said to us that France was trapped. The Rwandan génocide is the second of the century spent, after that of the NAZIS. One never should, I well never say, to forget this Rwandan génocide planned by French of Mitterand and Balladur. This duty of memory must challenge us each second, each minute, each hour and each very African day, because a GENOCIDE n`est not a simple conflict. French helped militarily, humanly, materially and morally the Habyarima General! Why, devil, to stop the only Africans on this génocide? The Habyarimana General, whose plane was cut down by French, screwed this company tutsy, while to support on a ethnique speech of purification and by poking tensions which n`avaient ever degenerated in so bloody confrontation. Badly separated of their anti-américan and sovietic breviary, the agents secrets and military French, which are only professionals of crime against l`humanity, their time in the novels of Gerald Villiers kills by encouraging Cruelty there! From 1990 to 1994, French bombarded, in Rwanda four operations: AMARILYS, NOIROIT, TURQUOISE. Yes, French was trapped. 1° OPERATION AMARILYS! - October 1990, l`Ambassador of France, to kigali, sends a telegram to François Mitterand and to Edouard Balladur. This telegram known as: "a génocide prepares here, in Rwanda, against the minority tutsy", word d`Ambassador. The Queyno General is sent to Kiagali by l`Elysée, with weapons por to thwart the terrorists of the FPR. The Queyno General calls upon Colonel Bernard Cussac to involve the troops governmental, FAR(Forces Armées Rwandan). The French soldiers took part in the engagements. It was l`Operation 2° OPERATION NOIROIT In full war of the Gulf, Jean-Pierre Chevenement, former Minister for Defense, is contacted by Mitterand: "the things fester in Rwanda, it is necessary to send men to help the government of Kigali", c`est made thing. It was l`operation "NOIROIT". The French soldiers took part in the combat while killing out of the "enemy" soldiers, the tutsis. Jean-Christophe Mitterand, adviser with the presidency of Dad for the African Businesses, n`en knows anything of all that. And, however in 1993, three years then passed qu`on killed out of the tutsis and hutus moderate, the Habyarimana General is received with l`Elysée by François Mitterand thanks to Jean-Christophe of this same name. French is trapped. When one supports humanly and materially a dictator as Habyarimana one is trapped, but not responsible.
Between 1992-94, French sold more than 25 million dolars d`armes! In South Africa since years governmental factories ARMSCOR produce weapons of quality for l`armée and the police force racists, which could not be supplied by the foreign countries because of l`embargo of the United Nations. afterwards of the purchase orders d`ARMSCOR October 19, 1992, France sold in Rwanda 15 million heavy dollars d`armes, mortars and ammunition via l`Afric of the South. Another sale contract d`armes was signed seven months auparavent, March 30, 1992. This contract stipulated:"l`achetor and the salesman s`engagent to reveal the contents of this contract to no third ". Was L`achetor Rwanda, the supplier? This contract was a transaction of 10 million dollars. The purchase was financed by an international bank of foreground. Rwanda carried out a first payment 1 million dollars and promised d` a second payment of the same value after the sale d`une harvest of tea of 615 tons, then a million dollars per annum over nine years. The famous international bank guaranteed the payment of the 10 million dollars and the 15 other million. 25 million dollars of dollars alos that the people die of hunger, c`est wretched. How s`appelle this international Bank? THE CRÉDIT LYONNAIS. Why, devil to stop the only Africans on this Rwandan génocide? Isn't the credit granted by France enough d`arrêter François Mitterand and the government d`Edouard Balladur? Admittedly. 3° "TURQUOISE" OPERATION One listens to Edouard Balladur, former Prime Minister of Mitterand,: "a massive military aid is essential if l`on wants to prevent that the terrorist of the FPR reverse the government, in Kigali", word d`un génocidaire. It was TURQUOISE l`OPERATION. Why, to stop only the Africans on this second génégocide of the century spent, after that of the Nazis? And yet, all the Nazis and their collaborators were stopped and judged. The génocide began, indeed, April 6, 1994, but the French authorities n`en recognized reality qu`à mid-May, liberally granting l`asile official or semi-official to good of its protected massacreurs.;;;;;;;
Shown, you raise: - François Mitterand - former President of the Republic - Jean-Christophe Mitterand - to advise with the presidency of Dad - Edouard Balladur - former Prime Minister - Alain Juppé - former Foreign Minister - Charles Pasqua - former Minister of l`Interior and former owner of the DGSE - Paul Barill - old of the DGSE, VRP(Voyageur representing Canvasser) in mercénariat. He also radio-controlled the two civils servant of the DAMI to cut down l`avion of the two Rwandan d`Etat heads and burundais - Jean-Pierre Chevènement - former Minister for Defense - François Léotard - former Minister for Defense - Colonel Bernard Cussac - French military attaché with Kigali - Pierre Lethier - old of the DGSE (Directorate-General of External Safety) - Yanni Soizeau - old of the DGSE - Pierre-Yves Gilleron - old of the DGSE and salesman d`armes - Crédit Lyonnais - French Bank - MCI - Mission of International Co-operation - SCITP - International and Technical service of Police force - DST - Direction of Sureté or the Safety of the Territory - etc.... C`est that qu`on calls an Injustice!!!

The Origin of wars in Africa; and why! this economic weakness; Solutions: The atuelles borders in Africa, are artificial borders set up by the colonizer, in order to divide the Blacks to be able reigner and to plunder; people speaking same the language are taken with the traps between two Countries, it is a shame for humanity. In the capacity as Academic, me! American-Cd & African-Cd, child of West-Indian slave originating in the R.D Congo and Guinea, I give you the solution to leave this crisis: I to restore the true borders of before colonization, 2/To drive out the colonizer always present economically because you consume their products (cars, rifles, armaments, computers...), 3/to consume only what Africa produced, 4/To have a currency common to all the country of Africa, 5/an obligatory schooling up to 18 years for each African child (girl and boy) in the Nationale language of the Country and not in French, 6/Récuperate the Black Intellectuals American and European and the 500 million off-set Blacks, the weakness of Africa comes from that, the brains of Africa live abroad the nuclear armament in secrecy in order to be made respect, they will not dare to come to fuck us up the ass, look at India and China, they have the nuclear armament, they are as us and one does not come to colonize them. The pass of the Development of Africa will be: stability R.D Congo; this Country which is mine can provide out of raw materials and mining resources all the other Countries of Africa during more than 100 years. Recapitulation: the origin of these wars in Africa was premeditated and wanted by the colonizer, it is time to be caught in hand, after it will be too late, the near total of the richnesses of the continent will be plundered
Western Capitalism bad 100%, based on hatred: human and economic catastrophe in Africa Western capitalism, it is most extremely armed to the teeth which eats and more faiblent burst hunger. RESULTS OF THIS COLONIZATION: Second: Génocide in Africa: First: Génocide was the DRAFT OF BLACKS (DEPORTATION OF the BLACKS in Americas, the Antilles, Europe). Second: Génocide is in this now: the wars tribals which devastate Africa and deaths of infectueuses diseases (AIDS included/understood) represent for Africa a LOSS AS SERIOUS as that that constituted, in its time, DRAFT OF BLACKS (DEPORTATION OF the BLACKS in Americas, the Antilles, Europe). The human catastrophe thus doubles economic drama with the consequences still incalculabres. How to believe that the Western countries will be able to a long time continue to wash the hands of them? WE ASSIST A the systematic and programmed EXTERMINATION BLACK RACE. AIDS: human and economic catastrophe in Africa the specialists estimate that deaths of infectueuses diseases (AIDS included/understood) represent for Africa a LOSS AS SERIOUS as that which constituted, in his time, the DRAFT OF BLACKS (DEPORTATION OF the BLACKS in Americas, the Antilles, Europe). The human catastrophe thus doubles economic drama with the consequences still incalculabres. How to believe that the Western countries will be able to a long time continue to wash the hands of them? The General Black POWER is victim of his success at the side of the white controlling class majority the USA To in no case he does not have the right to send the Blacks soldiers to be made kill under obligation, for a cause defending the interests of the white class. Power is originating in Africa before the deportation of Blacks in Americas, the Antilles, Europe, its duty is to deal with the causes Blacks (Africa, the Antilles...)
Do Black media in Europe (French) Concerts, discs, films... the virtual one, that pay? Phantom art: today, to sell the culture, better is worth to unearth deaths or to choose virtuality. Exclusion of the BLACKS on the media in France. 16.000 radio operator white Fm in Black radio France 2 in France Approximately 7 chains of television white in France 0 chains of television for the Black in France Prostitution of the Black women in Europe, because of exclusion, racism... Without money, without work, housing, it fall into the prostitution and are the white media which say it, because prohibition with the Blacks to have media in Europe (Television...). the French government prohibited the prostitution in France some time ago of that. 85% of the fertile grounds of ZIMBABWE, NAMIBIA in Africa belong to a white minority, this white minority accounts for 1% of the population. Blacks were driven out of their ground at the time of colonization, the current President tries to recover the grounds flights in Blacks, the presses and the media in Europe say that this ground are with the white. Gone up racism and exclusion of the Blacks to Europe, colonization, deportation of the Blacks in Americas, AIDS which decimate Africa, famine in Africa: indifference of Europe and the USA, plundering of the resources of Africa... whereas Africa is the continent richest in mining resources and raw materials. The richest country of the world is the R.D. Congo, the West-Indians are originairent of Congo and of Guinea, we request repair from the French State, and we must recover the grounds rich in raw materials our Ancestors in Africa who underwent slavery, we must discuss with the R.D Congo and Guinea so that the West-Indian people am entitled to the divisions of this enormous richness which for the moment are plundered by the USA, Europe...
The RED Race was EXTERMINEE by: Epidemics, food shortages, famines, wars tribals, slaveries and their deportations by the other dominant race; exactly as what is occurring to Black Africa and what had occurred for us the West-Indians. The extermination of the BLACK RACE is in its PHASE OF the BEGINNING, it is already too late! unless the Black Politicians and Intellectuals apply my convictions. Eagerness on the site: /, Racism in Europe. Somme White... are baited on the site: because he said the truth; you must accept what he says on his site and it is the pure and hard truth, to in no case you do not have the right to censure this truth, I weigh 3 billion euros, 1000 Blacks artists under contract: Chinese, Indian, African, West-Indian, Haïtien, Arab...
Yes, Laurent Gbagbo is a President of the Ivory Coast or governor of French in Ivory Coast. We come d`assister to something from formidable. Laurent Gbagbo, on which the country, is depend on jusqu`aux France bone, dared to defy its French colonizers while wanting to create alliances. Yes, Gbagbo wanted to offer a formidable market to the Chinese, whereas French has a formidable hand put on any l`economy of the Ivory Coast. The response of French was immediate. Did Gbagbo forget that the Ivory Coast is not yet independent? Did it forget qu`il n`a not the right to contract alliances without informing Dad-Frenche? Did it forget qu`il cannot make the war without Dad-French? Which fly has piqué Laurent Gbagbo, by defying French? Lastly, Laurent Gbagbo n`est it not with the current qu`il n`est not PRESIDENT OF IVORY COAST, but a SIMPLE GOVERNOR OF FRENCH IN IVORY COAST? The wars multiply on our ground, because we are not independent and that our richnesses do not belong to us. Unthinkable C`est! Because of our dependence and l`exploitation without condition of our richnesses, the ditch s`élargit between North rich increasingly richer and l`Afric always poor. Of imbalance in imbalance, France causes and encourages the conflicts for its only economic or geopolitical interests. Too many conflicts remain badly managed and unsolved. But, how can these French, who exploit us and weapons sell to us, bring peace to Africa to us? These people, who speak each day to us about the rights of l`homme, s`en make fun of the latter. What interests them, they are our raw materials, a point BASTA. The crises s`enchaînent and s`engendrent: economic, political, social. Under our eyes, l`Afric reorganizes itself by iron and by blood, the power calls the power and the weakness involves the faiblessse. Is it necessary to despair of the colonial domination, l`exploitation of Men by lhe Men, violence and the wars? It is impossible to be resigned: misery, l`exploitation of l`homme by l`homme and the war are not fates, but l`implacable result of perverse logics, qu`il is necessary to break together, costs that costs. Which are the aspirations of our Peuples?C`est to link d`abord l`Afric. Then, food free and in peace, to nourish themselves of their basement, not to fear for their safety, to reach knowledge, to protect our richnesses and to transmit them to our children. Is this ambition excessive? Each one of us is persuaded that the consequences d`une another cruelty, like that of Rwanda, would be incalculable, undoubtedly irremediable. Therefore, it is necessary to link l`Afric, my brothers!
Dad French and Houphouët Dad!!! Dad French and Houphouët Dad are the only persons in charge for the evils which undermine now the Coast d`Ivory Coast. D`abord, I open a bracket! Is Houphouët a wise old man? Ca will be known! This old neocoloniaslist, that everyone calls "Wise", n`est qu`un swine. Indeed, Houphouët Boigny, "the wise one", dared, in the name of the reason, d`épouser the characteristic promised in marriage of his/her own son. Which wisdom? I close the bracket! Houphouët Boigny is the largest traitor that l`Afric knew. Therefore, the responsibilities for the evils which mine the `Ivory Coast now do not fall in Laurent Gbagbo, neither Ouattara, nor in Robert Gueï, but with the old swine Houphoët Boigny. His/her son Henry-Konan Bédié, with his brain of sparrow, n`a made that to insert the nail, with its famous "Ivoirité". Now, when the children GBAGBO, that I respect, wanted a somme independence, it was pulled about by l`Histoire. Not only Houphouët Boigny is the largest dictator of l`Afric, but also the men which collaborated with the mode of L`APARTHEID in South Africa. In the name of Dad French, Papa Houphouët Boigny planned l`assassination of Thomas Sankara. In the name of Dad French, Dad Houphouët fomented a blow d`Etat in Ghana, in order to release Kwamé Nkrumah, the son wonder of l`Afric, my spiritual father. In the name of the Western and of the cold war, Dad Houphouët took an active part in l`elimination of Patrice Lumumba in the conflict katangais. In the name of Dad French, Houphouët Boigny destabilisé completely the mode of Sékou Touré in Guinea. Yes, Houphouët Boigny is a true swine. In 1957 Kwamé Nkrumah, which wanted l`indépendance final the l`Afric one, convenes the Leaders, whose States were colonized by French, because it knew that this French-speaking Africa represents a danger to l`Afric. Yes, it convenes Felix Houphouët Boigny (Coast d`Ivoire), Léopold Sédar Senghor (Senegal), Moctar Ould Dadah(Mauritanie), Sékou Touré(Guinée), only one word d`ordre: TO ASK FOR IMMEDIATELY L`INDEPENDANCE OF THESE STATES FACTORIES BY the COLONIST, so to link Afric. The only d`Etat head who respected this word d`ordre is Sékou Touré. Dad Houphouët Boigny (the traitre), in the name of the reason and of Dad France, combines with the French to sell d`abord very l`Afric and, then the Coast d`Ivoire. He says this to Kwame Nkrumah: "I prefer being with the head d`une mouse qu`à the tail of elephant". This mouse, this the Coast d`Ivory Coast which becomes automatically the capital of French colonization in Africa. Then Houphouët Boigny, helped by French, had the base of balkaniser socially and economically l`Afric whole. Disgusting C`est. And here now that this mouse, which is the Coast d`Ivory Coast, wants to be divided into two: between the head and the tail, c`est-with-statement enters North and the South this is a crime against the People d`Afric

Yes, Dad Houphouët is a traitor. When the constitutional debate s`engage in French, after the seizure of power by the soldier of Gaulle in May 1958, the Africans is opposite two choices: to give l`indépendance to federations A.O.F and A. E. F or to grant the idépendances their components which means, obviously, prolongation of colonization in Africa. Supposedly Senegalese Senghor and the so-called Man from the Ivory Coast Houphouët Boigny accepted, while lying down like horses, this prolongation of colonization in Africa. Léopold Sédar Senghor and Felix Houphouët Boigny, only representatives within the constitutional Consultative Committee, considered, them, without shame and any dignity for our people of balkaniser l`Afric. Panafricanism or a federation AOF and independent AEF associated French: here what AHMED SEKOU TOURE wished. Houphouët Boigny and the thing Senghor n`en does not want that. And, however, they knew pertinently that these people divided us to reign. This debate for l`indépendance, Houphouët Boigny advised with the soldier of Gaulle d`écarter Sékou Touré if not French will not have more its interests in Africa. The soldier of Gaulle automatically refuses the participation of Sékou Touré in the commity advisory. And yet, so-called Guinéen Sékou Touré and the so-called Man from the Ivory Coast Houphouët Boigny are members of the African democratic Gathering (the GDR), the great anti-colonial federation, I say quite anti-colonial, who essaimé in very l`Afric Occidentale. Sékou Touré and Houphouët Boigny, all opposes them: supposedly of the Ivory Coast is a doctor grower, neocoloniaslist, go-getter, egoist who does not think qu`à his interest personal like the Senghor thing, and with his governmental ambitions managed by French. Houphouët Boigny s`est integrated perfectly into the French political plays to sell l`Afric. As for Sékou Touré, its insubordination prohibited to him to continue its studies with school William Ponty in Dakar. DAD FRENCH and DAD HOUPHOUËT ARE the ONLY PERSONS IN CHARGE FOR the EVILS WHICH MINE IVORY COAST!!! With good reading hello.;;;;;;;

The Negros are not yet ready!!!
Yes, these Negros are always children that suspends the breast feeding .Black is black , there are not hope more? They are assembled, ethniquement, the ones against the others, and they to commit suicide mutuelement for non-problems. Sad . These Negros havet not included/understood yet qu`ils are of the same brothers and sisters blood. DOUBLY SAD C`est. For the first French colonists in Africa, the French colonies n`avaient qu`un only goal: to provide the Metropolis. C`est-with-statement a market reserved for the French. One of the first colonists, Jules Ferry, had been very clearly on this subject when it declared: "the colonies must be a placement of capital, a French search for outlets for l`industrie threatened by Anglo-Saxon competition, before the natives do not find reality and know-how". Let us have still, now, found this reality and this know-how? Absolutely not. We are jusqu`à present living corpses, sheep of panurges, badly faggoted children, morons who do not know where to go, which speaks about all and nothing. This sentence of Jules ferry poisoned the French colonial studies, because this qu`un wish n`était. today (Mardi December 17, 2002 to 10 hours), this wish s`est transformed into an absolute reality, c`est concerning and revolting my sisters and brothers. We do not deserve to represent l`Afric. This Africa is indeed a search for outlets for French capitalism. I hate this life of all my heart. In the design of Jules ferry, it did not n`était autonomous question d`un development of the colonies, d`un fast know-how of colonized, where all should be conceived with the profit of the Metropolis. Let us return to l`exploitation of our richnesses without condition. In the years 1945-1960, l`investissement French quadrupled in Africa. The reason is due to the potentialities discovered in Angola, in Nigeria, in Gabon, in Algeria and in Congo-Brazzaville in the oil field. C`est because of this oil that Sassou Nguesso, correspondent special of French, eliminated physically Marien Ngouabi and loosely released Pascal Lissouba, in the name of French. From 1947, Guinea de Sékou Touré became the French colonial headlight and the greatest hopes are nourished there from the economic point of view. The French capital s`y invests with arrival of the Company of the bauxists of the South and creation in 1950 of the Mining Company of conakry. Everywhere in Africa, of industries d`extraction and transformations are created: iron mines of Mauritania in 1952; the mining Company of l`Ogoué in 1952; The Aliminium of Cameroun and phosphates of Togo in 1954; in the sector of the electric production in Oubagui Chari (RCA), in Chad, in Niger, in Congo Brazzaville, in Coast d`Ivory Coast, with benign, in Guinea. The only year 1954, 28 billion French francs is invested in Cameroun and in`Ivory Coast for oil and the cocoa. But no investment n`a made with regard to somme equipment fundamental: aerodromes, road traffic, motorways, railroads, bridges and asphalt roads, the equipment social: hospital, maternity, dispesaires, schools, etc... neither hydraulic work, nor either agricultural d`infrastructures.

The shortly after the Second War World (39-45), French left completely ruined. It did not have need for the plan George Marshall( White and white, one help ) to rebuild his 7000 bridges out of 9000, its 150 principal stations, 80% from its network of river navigation and its 50% of its park. ITS COLONIES ARE FOR REMEDIER A ITS PROBLEMS. It launched out at bottom->Miam miam miam to eat Africa. Only one figure: the first three months from 1946 made it possible French to leave 1200 billion French francs to Africa. 200 billion only in Algeria because of oil, gases and the wine Algerian. A REALLY PROFITABLE CO-operation. We, African, have not any shame, no sensitivity. This is Regrettable.
Are the Africans submen? Which is to l`avenir Ivory Coast without l`Afric? If we are not submen, we will answer intelligently this fundamental question for the survival of l`Afric and its inhabitants. Without l`UNION AFRICAN the Ivory Coast, n`a no future. The day when we will have made a success of these three things: 1° a COMMON ECONOMIC POLICY/As I said CFA franc is a colonial currency which balkanisé wildly l`Afric, c``est a single example of co-operation between an old metropolis and part of its old colonies. The States, which make this free zone, are always dependent on l`ancian Métropole. Under is these conditions, where l`indépendance economic of l`Afric? Where is the democracy? We need a common currency. Therefore, African l`unity calls us. 2° a COMMON SOCIAL POLICY/are we Men from the Ivory Coast, of the Senegaleses, Congolais, Camerounais, Capverdiens, Guinéens, etc...? Not and not, because they are the Colonists who said to us that we are Men from the Ivory Coast, the Bast ones, of Nigériens,etc... Donc, these nationalities are null and not avenues. We are Africans, d`abord, before d`être of the Men from the Ivory Coast, of the Bast ones, of Gambiens... a social policy implies an educated and well organized civil company. Without this civil company, there n` will not be d`Union African, because they are not our leaders, who have the hands and feet bound by the Western, which will link l`Afric. They are the basic Africans who will link this Africa. 3° a COMMON NATIONAL DEFENSE/When one speaks about common National Defense, one speaks about PEACE. Isn't this peace, it used for nothing l`invoquer like a fate or like an invisible power, it is necessary to build it and rebuild it each day, to consolidate it and guarantee it, how? For that, we are obliged to combine together, because our States acuels cannot compete with the Western nations. However peace, between the men or the nations, can last only on one real balance. And this balance will be made only if, and only if, we include/understand, indeed, that our State-Nations cannot compete with the true nations. Such is l`enseignement of l`histoire. C`est by the respect of these doctrines (l`équilibre of the nations) that reconcile the rights of the ones and others with l`indépendance and safety. To establish this balance or to restore it, guarantee stability, to bring back our forces to levels of the Westerners pass inevitably by our United States d`Afric. There is l`approche, the only possible approach of the problems which arise for us. Therefore, it is necessary to link l`Afric. One needs that we raise ourselves, like only one man, to link l`Afric, IF WE ARE NOT Submen. If we remain divided, l`Europe plain and the United States d`Americ, competitors everywhere, accomplices everywhere, pyromaniacs everywhere, combined everywhere, will continue to be made the war by tribes interposed in the heart of our continent, and our people will be the only victims. It remains in the world a share of nature and violence, and the reign law of the strongest without division. It n`est not absurd d`espérer that some principles of moral can substituer with these laws of international jungle. If we remain divided, we will make disappear Africa from dreams, d`idées, where our history lives. But into 13 years, like all changed, as we changed with this democracy which in horn l`oeil! We wanted the democracy imposed by Mitterand, and from now on this democracy in the dependence submerges us. It is done without us. Manners, freedom, the words and the things, a certain idea of l`Afric, a certain idea of l`amour, a certain glance n`existent more. We do not n`arrivons to follow the unrestrained course of l`Histoire. French used us and the United States appears more and more, and this n`est not a simple demonstration. Therefore, the world now invites us to link these States divided by Men like us. This so
Assassination of President Kabila of the R.D Congo on January 16, 2001, the West-Indians-Antilles are originating in the R.D Congo and Guinea. I lived with Kinshasa the last six months of Kabila. Assassination of the President was, so to speak, in l`air. Kabila was condemned by l`histoire to fall as a martyr, exactly like Lumumba. And the population had to attend the setting passively with slow death of these two extraordinary men. Were two million, three million or to have gone down more in the streets? And this million shouted their sorrow to d`avoir lost a very expensive being qu`ils really regarded as their dad, they also shouted their hatred against the persons in charge for his assassination. How to describe the feelings which invaded us at the time when the procession the airport left to sink on the Boulevard Lumumba de Ndjili with Masina? Then these human waves are reflected moving, while running, singing and agitating palmiers.Des tens of thousands of young people sang: "Soda soba, mundele akosi ye aboma Kabila" - "Idiotic of soldier, the White t`ont misled to kill Kabila". Which extraordinary way to point finger the true persons in charge for assassination of the President, the powers imperialists, while stigmatizing the soldiers, immediate railing and plotters in l`entourage of Kabila who made possible and carried out the supreme crime.
They are the Men who make the History and not the Submen
I am 100% Blacks, I have a Universitaire level of the Art-and-Trades, I am Moule 97160 Guadeloupe. Reserved only with the BLACK Race. Black only, 100%. American-Cd & African-Cd 1000 MP3 Black, I Weigh: 3 billion euros.

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