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Afrocentric Wedding  12-Jun-03

Afrocentric Wedding - Guest - 12-Jun-03
My name is Michele McMahon and I am a researcher at Yaletown Entertainment, a documentary television production company based in Vancouver, Canada. We are starting the second season of our unique wedding show on the Life Network and wondered whether you know of any upcoming Afrocentric Weddings.

We search all over North America for weddings and would love to film more diverse weddings that encompasses various cultures and traditions. For example we are about to film the spectacular wedding of a Native American bride and a Persian groom. Their two cultures and families will merge over days of ceremonies including newly carved canoes and the exchange of persian carpets.

We would love to find an African American couple who have incorporated traditional African celebrations and perhaps a few of their own ideas into a unique Wedding Celebration.

If you know of an enthusiast couple who would like to have their wedding aired on national TV, then please forward my message and contact information to them. You can call us on our toll-free number 1-877-669-3365 if you would like some more information. Thanks so much!


Michele L. McMahon
Research Department
Yaletown Entertainment Corp.
Toll-free: 1-877-669-3365
Tel: (604) 669-3543
Fax: (604) 669-5149
1431 Howe St., Vancouver, BC
V6Z 1R9 Canada

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